Can medicines are safe to use or It kills.

There are many people’s who’s using medicine at minor problems even for lite pain, headache etc… But I suggest you only take medicines if you really feel to need otherwise ignor and try to cure symptoms naturally. Can you ever think that why our ancestors lived life long and they lived life peacefully without any illness like sugar, BP and other major problems because at that time natural and pure stuffs are using much more . There are less impurities in our food and other stuffs, thats why they lived there life hassle free and died peacefully. But now a day it’s a major reason behind impurities, camicals and un natural products are made that is not resist our body as long. When we are using we thought Ohh wao it’s really robust and useful to cure our body but after some days or year later you will facing some other symptoms and that’s the starting process of illness is going on and on until your body stop fighting with illness.
       Our body is made to fight with some disease naturally. For example A good vehicle need good oil and petrol to run smoothly, if we add catalyst super milage petrol then it also run smoothly with good milage but not for long lasting because excessive catalyst forced engine to run smoothly but it’s effect too, to weken engine. So if you want to live life long just use only natural products and always do exercise to fit your body then definitely won’t get any problem.

                  Written by Amitesh Kumar Sinha

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